T-Mobile Customer Service call

The author cannot make a T-Mobile "unlocked" phone work in Venezuela. The operator Movistar claims it "registered to a user"

The author cannot make a T-Mobile "unlocked" phone work in Venezuela. The operator Movistar claims it "registered to a user"

Cleveland, Ohio Training Video – Poor Customer Service Satire

Cleveland Video Production company, Cinecraft Productions, produced this award-winning behavior modification video to help demonstrate to retail associates what NOT to do when helping customers.

PRANK: Bad customer service on hidden camera (CBC Marketplace)

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Nepali prank call to Ncell customer service part -2

Funny Nepali Prank Call To Customer Service of a Nepalese Network provider Ncell.

Though Ncell has a good service in Nepal, One customer is pranking a customer service provider.

As being a Funny Nepali Prank Calls Channel, We have uploaded this conversation to make you all laugh!

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The Right Words at the Right Time – Customer Service Recovery for Hospitality Industry

Sometimes it is the newest or least trained hospitality employee who has the last clear chance at saving guest relations. One employee becomes the face of your organization when things go wrong. This practical and memorable program is specifically designed to empower leisure and hospitality staff with a clear checklist of Customer Service Recovery tools and techniques.

From showing empathy and truly listening, to exploring with permission phrases and presenting options, front-line hospitality employees will learn how to match the signals they send to guests with the words they say.… Read the rest

The Secrets Behind Apple’s Great Customer Service

Apple stores are typically regarded as providing one of the more pleasant experiences you can find in the retail shopping world.

This doesn't happen by accident. Apple has meticulously planned every little detail of their stores from the physical design, to the customer service the "specialists" provide, which will ultimately make you spend money on their precious products.

We spoke with Carmine Gallo, an expert on Apple's employee training to learn more about the secrets behind the brand's unique customer service.… Read the rest

How To Get Good Customer Service At Mac!

Whether you're a Vet. or just starting in the makeup video game, this video could be of help to you. Coming from a retail history, I understand all about customer service & just how I want to be dealt with in specific shops & purchasing makeup can be rather hard, particularly if you're not really accustomed to the products or the business.… Read the rest

Delta Airlines SECRET to avoid negative customer service ratings!

Pretty sure this Delta Service agent was being sly to prevent getting a low ranking. Choose Web link:

Exactly what's within Nike Air Vapormax?

We did make the error of not getting to the airport promptly but do not believe we need to have been charged to go out the following day. Oh well.

It was an excellent journey as well as the following 4 days are going to be outstanding!… Read the rest

What Do You Say? – Customer Service Training

When it concerns customer care obstacles, the initial few secs as well as your very first couple of words determine your success or failing.

Hectic, energised and also filled with excitement, What Do You State? training places staff members on the hot seat as they are tested with more than 30 awkward, intimidating, often overwhelming customer circumstances. It then supplies reasonable, functional answers that they can utilize on the job quickly.… Read the rest